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CAT: Fantas

My hobby is drawing pictures. I have liked drawing pictures ever since I was a kid. I want to draw the oeiginal fantsy world with dreams and hopes.

I am drawing with…

(~2012)Colored pencils
(2013~11/16/2014)Art Academy SketchPad

If you click the google translation pulldown menu on the sidebar of this website,you can read in English or the other languages.Please note that as it is a machine translation from an automatic translation system, the translation may not always be accurate.Category of Artworks

Yume-Mana Story

The main content of my artworks.The great adventure of Yume(older twin sister) and Manaki(younger twin brother) and Fantas(cat).


Boy meets Girl

A boy and a girl are living through a happy time.


Sora-Hannnah Story

The fantastic world pictures of Treasure hunter Sora and Princess Hannah.



Lessons of Art Academy and Fan Art and Others


 The Characters


Introduction of my characters


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